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Our San Shou program delivers training in a wide variety of kicking, punching, throws and defences, equipping students for the rigours of full contact competition, or offering a broad syllabus for study and enjoyment.

Classes involve strength and cardiovascular conditioning circuits, padwork, partner drills and sparring, all in a safe friendly environment.

The nature of the training means that as well as developing strong fighting skills, students make great fitness gains, in terms of strength, endurance and weight control, making people truly fighting fit!

Our students compete in national level full contact events, offering an excellent competitive outlet for their skills.

San Shou Kickboxing

Top quality training in this dynamic and exciting modern contact sport for all levels and abilities!

With it's strong kickboxing and standing grappling San Shou makes an excellent foundation for the exciting emerging sport of mixed martial arts.

Therefore we offer classes teaching in depth clinch and ground fighting skills to fully equip students for MMA competition.

Classes begin with a sport specific warm up, followed by clinch fighting and wrestling drills, ground control drills, submission techniques, ground striking and sparring.

Classes place a strong emphasis on good technical skills, safety and enjoyment.


Modern Sport Cross Training.